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Hearing Aid Batteries

How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

Change your hearing aid batteries when your hearing aid starts emitting a beeping sound that repeats until the battery dies or is changed. The amount of time you can expect out of your hearing aid batteries varies from person to person. First, it depends on how many hours a day you wear your hearing aids. Most batteries last 4-10 days based on 16 hours per day of use. That’s a pretty wide range of time so it also depends on the size of your battery. The smaller the battery is the shorter the battery life will be. The type of hearing aid you have and the features that you use may also affect battery life.

Replace Regularly

No matter what kind of battery you have, ensure that you keep a full supply and change them regularly. Most batteries last a week of two, and when they run down they can make you hearing aid nearly useless. Replace the batteries regularly, and carry one or two around with you for emergencies. To extend battery life, remove them at night when you aren't using them. We carry all sizes of batteries and you can stop in during working hours to resupply.

Caring for Hearing Aid Batteries

A hearing aid is useless if it doesn't have a power source, which is why that little hearing aid battery is so important. If not properly card for, however, these batteries can be overused and easily damaged. Here at The Hearing Services at Cincinnati Eye Institute, we want to offer you some of the best tips for caring for your hearing aid batteries.

Make It Fit

First of all, ensure that you have the right type of battery. Hearing aids come in different sizes and so do the batteries they run on. Don't try to force the wrong battery into the wrong type of hearing aid, because at best it will decrease efficiency and at worst it will damage your device.

Zinc-Air Care

Most hearing aid batteries are zinc-air batteries, which require special care. These batteries use the oxygen in the air reacting with zinc to produce a great deal of power in a small space. Usually, zinc-air batteries are store with a special sticker or seal on them, so that the air can't reach the interior, start the reaction, and drain the battery before it's even used. To protect this seal, zinc-air batteries should be stored in a dry place at room temperature. Also, it's best to let the battery sit for a minute or two after removing the seal and before inserting it into the hearing aid, which will give it time to activate and get up to full power.

Saving Battery Life

Just like turning off a switch when you walk out of a room, turning off your hearing aid when not in use will save you battery life so be sure and open your battery door fully any time it is not in your ear.

Our Batteries

The batteries we sell are very fresh which is crucial to successful hearing. We private label your batteries and build them to our specifications. They are delivered to us within 7 days of manufacture and are sold within 6 weeks of receipt. We offer all the sizes in a 60 pack for $35.00 (.58/each) and shipping costs within the US included at no charge. Please call us at 513-618-7142 to order your batteries.

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