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Hearing Aids

  • Virtually invisible hearing aids
  • No more buzzing or feedback problems
  • Up to 50% off brand name instruments
  • Natural quality digital sound
  • Hassle-free hearing on the telephone
  • Ease of hearing in noisy environments
  • Comfortable designs for all-day wear
  • Effortless hearing
  • 90 day 100% money back guarantee
Hearing Aids Cincinnati OH

For some people, hearing aids are seen as a distraction and they worry about how they are going to look. With advancements in technology, hearing aids are virtually invisible for roughly 90% of the hearing impaired. Improvements are constantly being made to help improve the lives of those with hearing loss. Investing in a hearing aid will help you lead a more satisfying life without having to worry if you’re going to miss someone saying something important.

Hearing Aids Cincinnati OHOnce it has been established that a hearing aid will be beneficial to you, the hearing aid specialist will go over which style will work best for your lifestyle. Hearing aids come in many different shapes and sizes. There are many styles to choose from and the hearing aid specialist will go over the benefits for each one so you can choose the style that works best for you.

Treatments with new digital technology allow hearing devices to provide you with significant, noticeable improvement in hearing clarity and understanding ability even in a noisy room. New “open fit” technology produces a more “natural” sound quality (no more plugged-up, echoed or down in the barrel sound). You will be able to hear clearly on the telephone without whistling or feedback! 100% digital signal means crisp, clear, CD quality sound all the time that is completely programmable to your hearing loss – even if your hearing changes in the future. New modern designs are virtually invisible and comfortable – you may even forget you are wearing one!

Hearing Aids Cincinnati OHAfter you have purchased your hearing instrument you will develop a lifelong relationship with being able to hear better. At The Hearing Services at Cincinnati Eye Institute, our staff will go over a schedule of regular hearing wellness check-ups, just as you would continue to see us for your vision examinations. During your checkup, we will clean your hearing instruments to make sure they are working at maximum performance. We will inspect your ear canals for wax, or other potential conditions as mandated by the FDA. We will refer you to a Physician who specializes in diseases of the ear for further evaluation if warranted.

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