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Listen to What Our Patients Are Saying!


John and Linda, Thank you for providing exceptional service and being so professional. This morning my hearing aid was not working properly and I was going on vacation in a few days. Linda was able to get me an appointment the same day and John was able to find and correct the problem with my aid quickly. Hearing Aids are an expensive investment, but necessary for those of us who have hearing loss. However John and Linda provide great service and have always been able to resolve any issues I have had with my aids in the office and I have never had to have my aids shipped out for costly repairs. I am very glad that I chose The Hearing Center at CEI when purchasing new aids. Thank you, Barb Hundley

"My wife said, 'If you're not going to wear your other hearing aids, why don't you go to the Hearing Services a t CEI?' Well, I did, and not only was I pleased to hear my wife of over 50 years, but she was just as pleased that now I was hearing what she had to say!" - J. Hamilton

"I just wanted to share my experience I recently had at the Hearing Center. I was at the Cincinnati Eye Institute with my husband and saw the flyer advertising a free hearing screening. I knew I was not hearing well before I came in. After having the test it confirmed that I did have a loss of hearing.

I decided I would try the small hearing aids that you can't see in your ears. I truly couldn't believe the difference. On the way home my husband had to turn the radio in the car down because it was way too loud. Just to think that's how loud I had to have it turned up before. I tell my friends I now have hearing aids and they say, "but where are they; I can't see them".

Even at home I hear things I had never heard before. Like the air conditioning running and birds on the 1V. I hear better on the telephone also. I work at a bank. Employees I work with couldn't believe the difference it made in me. I am now able to join in more conversations and am able to hear better when there is a group of people talking.

I wish I had not waited so long be get hearing aids. I wear them approximately 12 hours a day and don't even know I have them in. I have even gone to bed and had to get up and take them out. They are so comfortable that I barely know they are in my ears.

Thanks for giving me back my hearing."

- J. Caroll

"Having been burned on my first purchase I was skeptical of purchasing again and felt the so-called technical advances were more hyperbole than fact. That was not the case with your product and the service you offered. Thanks so much for your excellent service and a truly technological advancement in hearing aids."

- L. Hughes

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Upload: April 15, 2015

Upload: April 15, 2015